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Conditions of sale and purchase in islam | Jul buy is one of the types of economic transactions. There are some Islamic provisions set about selling. Buy sell in islam there are both kosher and there are also classified as unlawful. We as a muslim should certainly knew what it was buying and selling halal and what is haram and selling. Because surely, we as true Muslims certainly will not want to when we get something that is haraam. Before knowing the terms of sale, then learned first is how did the principle or economic transaction of azaz. Let us learn together.

buy sell
The basic principle of economic transactions in Islamic jurisprudence

Suatau economic transactions will be said Shah if it meets the basic principle – the principle of according the Islamic jurisprudence, the principles include:

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Bind the parties – parties to the transaction, unless that violates Islamic law.
Parties – parties that pertransaksi must meet the agreed obligations and may not be mutually broke the Alliance. Allah said in the Qur’an Al-Maidah verse 1: Juala buy



buy sell

3. terms – these terms of sale must comply with Islamic jurisprudence as well as implemented with full responsibility.

4. Setiapa transaction done voluntarily without coercion from any party.

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5. The absence of the elements of fraud, misappropriation, and cheating. Note the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad is presented below:

“The Prophet forbade the selling of which contain elements of fraud.”

6. Habits in selling to the indigenous origin could be used both parties know it and do not deviate from Islamic jurisprudence.
The notion of buying and selling

Selling that is mutually binding agreement between buyer and seller. The seller is the party handed over the goods. The buyer is the party that pays the price of the goods sold on the basis of love the same love.

The law of selling is allowed. God Almighty allow the sale described in his word In QS. Al-Baqarah verse: 275

buy sell


It means: “.. … But Allah has forbidden the sale justifies and usury. … ” (QS. Al-Baqara verse – 275)
Selling pillars in islam

Selling pillars include:

Buyer and seller

the terms of the seller and the buyer in Islamic jurisprudence, namely:

Be healthy (Aqeel).
Adult (Puberty).
Top of wills himself not in the element of coercion.

2. Items that are sold and purchased

The terms of the objects to be sold or purchased is:

These objects are in a State of Holiness. Dogs and pigs should not be dijualbelikan.
Can benefit.
The object can be handed over to the buyer. Objects cannot be submitted should not be for sale are traded, such as birds that fly in the sky.
Such items are the property of the seller, or the person who he represents or people who are working on that. The Prophet said: “there is no buy sell unless something.” (Narrated by Abu Dawood and At Turmudzi)
Dijualbelikan goods known to the seller and the buyer both substances, properties, form and rate/size.

3. The contract or consent qabul.

Consent that is the word of a salesperson. an example is “I jmenual these goods with the price of all this”.

Qabul is the buyer. e.g. “I bought this item at a price many.”

The scholars are unanimously agreed that allowed consent qabul need not pronounced but may only deal.

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