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If you want to vacation in the winter, it better read first about tips travel here. Ie:

Should you arrive in the morning. Make sure you go through the exit Jagorawi in Ciawi before 9 in the morning on the weekend or holiday. Because the Peak of Bogor this diberlakukan system traffic open the lid in one direction.
Because the road to the Top is not too wide and a lot of motorcycle bersliweran, you should avoid the use of fancy cars. There’s always complaints car tourist injuries due to a driver motor that just walking out in the middle of the road. So also sometimes found angkot are fighting over passengers so what-ugalan on the road this narrow.
Should you message first hotel to be used a place to stay. Indeed, the number of villa and hotel at the Top o f Bogor  very much, but just a little inn conveniently left at the end of the weekend or holiday. Unless the condition of “what it is” don’t be a problem f or you and your family.
When you want to go home, watch the clock for the return you because of system traffic open closed. Best before 8 in the morning if you come down from the top or all in the afternoon or night.
Because place tour here quite a lot, you should prepare jadual time clear. So the whole object is interesting that we say can and visit everything, even though it’s hard if visited everything in one day.
Pretty complete, isn’t it? All the places interesting and terfavorite this was in the tour the Top of Bogor. If you want to visit 10 of the object, it’s not enough to just one or two days on vacation here. Because each place is very outstanding and not rarely also the visitors were in one place for the day. You would be impressed if you spend a vacation in the area.

Tips Travel when in bogor
Citamiang. Sightseeing this is a camping ground very popular and favorite visitors in the region of the Top. Especially every year there’s just an extra game on outbound games Citamiang. At this location also available swimming pool interesting with the cold temperatures the health visitor.
tour citamiang
Wana Citamiang
Thus information place tour can you make a guide on vacation in the city of Bogor, Java West. Prepare everything needed (including clothes change if you want to swim in the water of adventure) so your vacation feels comfortable. Here’s a map that you can use as a guide to visit an exciting we mention.

Rancamaya. For you who love sport of golf, you can visit the housing Rancamaya in Bogor. Besides work out, this place is much visited by tourists who want to take a picture on the golf course are beautiful with the background mountain. Must be the result of the photos you guys are so exotic here. If you ask permission, then allowed in to a place this beautiful to berwisata while photos.

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