The way the treatment has a not easy, among other things

Clothes with knitting you’d better washed by hand because the washing machine is not very friendly on this material and can ruin the results knitted. If you have to wash with the use of the machine, should put the first in the bag to wash & use the rounds are slow & gentle. You can wash this material with cold water and see gently, don’t squeeze/brush her down. Use detergent/liquid launderer clothes are soft so as not to ruin the material.
Materials knitting very easy stretches
Avoid hanging the material loom directly using a clamp/hanger because it can leave a mark the jaws and ruin the knitted especially on the shoulder. Should jemur on a dry towel (the towel used should be able to absorb water well) with a surface flat to form the knitted stay awake. Next press materials knitting on a towel to dry the area and then wrap a towel to drain it.
Very not advisable to ironed material type of knitting this because it can ruin the texture of the fabric. You should use steam! or the iron steam more secure.
Dipasaran some call it knit.

The fabric from any kind of akrilit usually used for making shirts. Generally combined with a vest with Light Weight Wools.

Compared with fabric combed , fabric, cotton cardet has fiber thread less smooth. Fabric cardet is a fabric KW1 his fabric combed so that the Results of knitted and appearance of the material is less fluffy and less flat. because the price is relatively cheaper compared to cotton combed, material cotton cardet often used for t-shirts with the target market middle-class, for example for t-shirt factory, uniform labor, and also kaos oblong sports.

Made of fibre synthetic/cotton/silk and is very thin, light and transparant (invisibility). The kind of materials it will look more elegant if dipadukan with the other.

This material is more similar to the material sifon, however have thick and heavy that it more than sifon, therefore it’s not invisibility like sifon. Besides, twistcone more fell on the body, don’t absorb sweat, and don’t leave smelly (the smell not delicate) as at sifon.

Material cotton combed made of pure 100% of cotton fibres are natural. Material combed berkarakteristik has the texture of smooth, cold, comfortable, and absorbs sweat, so it’s very comfortable and fit to wear in the tropics like Indonesia. Fabric Combed have fiber thread is more smooth and flat so that his appearance will be more smooth , flat and neat. There’s some kind of fabric combed in the market. It is distinguished based on the type of yarn used as well as setting gramasinya (gr/m2). There are 3 variants combed, combed 20s, 24s, 30s. things that make a difference is the girth fabric combed. Cloth 20s have the girth that most thick, and combed 30s have a viscosity in the slightest. Fabric Combed 20s is the fabric of the most widely used and become a favorite t-shirt distro, because besides the comfort when used, the price is also not expensive.

Fabric silk is a kind of fabric of the most diminati by a lot of the women. Made from the cocoons of larvae caterpillar silk that diternakkan on a farm caterpillar silk Murbei. Teksturnya very soft, smooth and not slippery. Fabric silk easily torn but can absorb a bit of water/sweat.

Fabric rayon is a mix between material cotton with rayon viscosa (RVC) based on the bottom of the wood so it’s a better conductor of heat. Material rayon has the effect of shiny & easy to absorb sweat so that the fit used to musin is hot. The kind of fabric this is commonly used for making shirts. If You wash the clothes based on the basic rayon, should wash with warm water & don’t need to dikucek.

Material Babyterry / Baby Tray is similar with the t-shirt, but much thicker and generally a little hairy. Similar too with the fleece but have the feathers more subtle. Interior bertekstur soft like a blanket. Most widely used for making sweater, jumper, or blazer woman.

The kind of cloth wools is usually synonymous with the fabric weight. But the Light Weight Wools it’s a light and easy dipadukan with the anything. This fabric lasted, so to absorb water and more falls in the body so that more good-looking.

This material included in the category of material spandex which is similar to lycra, but more the weight of material spandex used. The outer layer of the shiny and have a level of elasticity is high (stretch). This material can not absorb sweat. Most widely used for making clothes, balls (Jersey Ball).

The name lycra is actually a substance mixture for a dress. Lycra like material spandex and most widely used for the maxi dress / the canal woman. If the other materials dipadukan with lycra, generally will form a layer of the next more shiny. Excellence this material is a neatness that can last long on clothes.

According to the name, this fabric has fibers with the slashes/have drill. Cloth Drill is generally a mixture between cotton and polyester. The more the cotton, is usually the price any more expensive.

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