The richest island in Indonesia Richest richest IndonesiaPulau island in indonesia – Indonesia has more than 13000 Islands in it and is the largest archipelago in the world. Not only has a lot of Islands, Indonesia is also famous for its culture, tribe and also a different religion. Although consisting of a wide variety of religious, tribal and State of Indonesia strongly upholds the tolerance of its citizens. Indonesia also has abundant natural resources.

However, this time the wealth of indonesia started to eroded out. You need to know, once Indonesia has abundant wealth in every island. This is proven by the discovery of some relics or ancient sources discovered by historians. The following former island had abundant wealth in indonesia.

The richest island in Indonesia
The richest island in Indonesia

Borneo is the third largest island in the world. In the past, the island was called as Warunadwipa which means the island of the God of the sea. On this island there are a lot of gold and diamonds were found by the Malays and Chinese merchants. now the island of Borneo into one of the largest energy warehouses belonging to the nation of Indonesia. Many energy resources in produce such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and geothermal. In Borneo, there is uranium which can be used as nuclear power plants.

Sumatra is one of the richest Islands in indonesia. In ancient Sumatra it is gold. In a finding writing on the inscription mentions the island of sumatra as Suvarnadvipa which means land of gold. But after many wild mining activity, making raw materials such as petroleum, coal, gold, and Tin was on the island of sumatra is now thinning

Java is an island rich in food staples such as rice, maize, cassava, etc. Java is also a very fertile island as there are volcanic mountains on the island.

Now Java shore up 53% food needs in indonesia, because Java is fertile soil. The results of the agrifood is another fruit, vegetable, sweet-ubian.

From the first island of sulawesi is the largest iron-producing island in the dindonesia. In the area of Ussu and around Lake nickel Mattanah contain lots and iron. Until now the island of sulawesi are still many contain natural ingredients such as iron, gold, copper, silver, nickel and others.

Papua is the second largest island in the world and is the richest island in indonesia. The island is also on call-call as an island paradise. This is acknowledged by Robin Osborne in his book Indonesia’s Secret War: The Guerilla Camps In Irian Jaya. The island is from the first already had richness. Gold and copper is one example of an extremely abundant natural resources on the island. To the extent that the island was called-refer to as the island the world’s largest gold producer.

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