the most beautiful park in japan

Shinjuku Gyoen
Monument Of Peace Hiroshima. The existence of this park dedicated to the city of Hiroshima became the first town in the world that was destroyed by the atomic bomb and also to remember the citizens who become the victims. The object of the following portion of the building remains due to explosion of an atom bomb this is one of the Sites Heritage World UNESCO since 1996. History. on the 6 August 1945, the atomic bomb named Little Boy exploded in the air at the height of 580 meters, on the top location located about 200 meters southeast of the building. This monument is a symbol of the hopes of mankind for world peace and the destruction of nuclear weapons.

monument of peace nuclear

the orchards of the biggest in Thailand and malaysia

Monument Hiroshima
The Aquarium Kaiyukan in Osaka. Extending the aquarium’s biggest and well-in Japan. The ambiance is similar to sea world who became the pride of place tour of the West. Here there are 30 thousand animals representing over 620 types. Fish that are most famous here is the shark whale and manta, that’s some kind of giant octopus. Attraction to another that’s quite popular is the “Gate Aqua” kind of a hallway in the aquarium large, where tourists can see diverse kinds of tropical fish, and the atlantis where the penguins hang out. place tour in Japan’s popular it’s open every day, 9 in the morning till 7 evening. Which is interesting if you visit at the top at 5 pm, because of the provided discount 700 yen. Don’t compare this place with aquarium KLCC which is the tour so-called secret Malaysia. Because in Osaka this super complete and very large.

The Aquarium Kaiyukan Osaka

The Aquarium Kaiyukan
Lake Ashi in the National Park Hakone. This is sightseeing the meyajikan the background scenery of Mount Fuji Japan. This lake is a lake crater that lies along the edge of the southwest kaldera Mount Hakone, a volcano active. Lake Ashi is also known for the existence of the source of the hot spring (onsen) in the vicinity. From Tokyo, You can reach them in a time of 2,5 hours. Lake Ashi presents natural beauty typical of the mountain, combined with the view of the lake, especially enjoyed while following the tour on the boat tour Hakone Sightseeing Cruise.

the lake in hakone japan

Lake Ashi

Thus information place tour in the region of the Japanese popular and even most of an object’s new that you can visit. If the duration of your vacation long enough in this country, then you can visit some place interesting others, like:

Kinkakuji is a temple famous in Kyoto.
The palace Of Tokyo are magnificent.
Tokyo Skytree, which is a tower with the eat delicious.
The temple of Todai-ji is located in the city of Nara.
The temple of Atsuta in Nagoya Japan.
The Edo Tokyo Museum.
Shitennoji Temple which was in Osaka.
Of ise Grand Shrine in the region of Honshu.
Amanohashidate is a sand bar in the gulf of Miyazu.
The island of Okunoshima with hundreds of rabbits.
Fuji-Q Highland is a theme park fun.

Madame Tussaud. Place, which contains a statue of wax famous people in the world it’s quite crowded at weekend. In the world there are some countries that have a “wax museum” this beautiful. One of them was in Bangkok.
Ocean Park Hong Kong. A theme park is the second largest after Disneyland. Place tour popular it has been opened since 1977. You can see the giant aquariums, the zoo or some pool of attraction to animals of the sea like dolphins.

Thus information 12 sightseeing in hong kong and Macau are mandatory your visit. Actually there are dozens of places interesting in the second region, but 12 of the object that we mention above is the most famous. So it is necessary for your vacation and menyambanginya.

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