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As we know together that social media Facebook has officially taken over or acquired Instagram in 2012. With a total transaction value reached 1 billion dollars or equivalent to Rp. 9.1 trillion, such fantastic deals has been breaking records as the greatest value in acquisition in the industry of mobile applications. The courage of Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of #Facebook to buy social media-based drawings and photographs should be given the thumbs up.

The Four Motifs Facebook Acquires Instagram

The Four Motifs Facebook Acquires Instagram

Own #Instagram which is a social networking application concept photo sharing is indeed quite developed. An application that is able to edit photos with various filter options and the effects of this have now has over 50 million users since the peluncuranya January 2011. With a variety of updates that include the use of about 17 filter Instagram then incarnated as a competitor’s social media Twitter and Facebook at that time.

From this early interest in Facebook to buy Instagram. But what’s up with Facebook to purchase Intagram very bold with this enormous price? Of course there is a reason behind the takeover of the company founded by Kevin But and Mike Krieger by Facebook. And it turns out that indeed there are several motives or reasons behind the acquisition later revealed Facebook against Instagram.

Then what are the motives and reasons behind the decision of Facebook Acquires Instagram? Following his review.

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1. Potential users

The first reason behind Facebook’s decision acquires Instagram is out the magnitude of the potential that exists on the user Instagram. As it known with that Instagram now indeed incarnate as #aplikasi social networks with significant growth.

Now it has recorded at least over 50 million users throughout the world have been using this application. This figure is certainly not the last number in a development application. Look at the trends and statistical records exist, the number of users currently Instagram is still very likely to rise and continue to grow each day.

Well, the market potential in the growth of this then makes Instagram Mark Zuckerberg boldly decreed Facebook Acquires Instagram with very high prices. Although Facebook has had a bigger user i.e. more than 850 million (nearly 1 billion) people, but Facebook sees Instagram as a chance to reach for greater user and also as a step to grow his company bigger and more successful in the future.
2. Good support of Mobile devices

The second reason of decision Facebook Acquires Instagram is a big potential in the mobile system instagram. Yes, as we know, as an application, Instagram has been designed to be compatible in a mobile device (cell phone/#smartphone).

Instagram effectiveness and efficiency result is much higher than Facebook. Call it the moment the process of backing up data files, in this case facebook need 10 steps, whereas Instagram with just 6 steps, these applications can currently upload file. In addition to the ease of mengungah files, Instagram also has various advantages such as availability of filters and effects of various images that turned out not to be owned by Facebook.

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