The beauty of lake Batur Kintamani
Lake Buyan. One place in Bali which has a beautiful view and nature have not found accommodations of any kind in the vicinity is Buyan. The object that represents the area of conservation of nature, surrounded by forest green was still a virgin. And society of the island so keep this place in order not marred by development or illegal logging. If you have the soul of adventure high, visited lake Buyan which is a sightseeing interesting in the region of Bedugul this is the thing to do. Take a picture, being alone while searching for inspiration and exploring the forest around it is the activity interesting to do in the lake which is a place favorite for circles artist Bali.

The beauty of lake Batur Kintamani

lake buyan

The peace of nature in Buyan
Lake Tamblingan. The location next to each other with Buyan and bordering with the region Bedugul. This place also is the location of the “hunting photo favorite” all sides keep the view was amazing. And that’s quite interesting is the existence of the legend that memasyarakat against khasiat water lakes that never cure the plague a disease that happened to a village in the mountains Dimple Bali. Therefore this place is called Tamblingan comes from the word “tamba” and “elingan”. The second word is the means the medicine mujarab. Sightseeing this is the lake the smallest of the obligatory visit to the island of Bali, although not many travel agents that include in the package a trip that they manage. But you can ask the tour guide to come here when I visited one of the objectives of the lake which we mentioned before. Due to its location quite close together. Around this place there is a village and a waterfall called Munduk are very popular in Buleleng.

lake tamblingan

Panoramic lake Tamblingan

Thus the information can be a guide for tourists who want to see the beauty of the island Bali from the other side. The lake is beautiful is one kind of object it interesting that you can sambangi than tour-shaped beach, fake and waterfalls. And this article will memperlengkapi the beauty of the watering hole-the watering hole in the South we’ve wrote before. One of them is a lake in the area of the city of Bandung, which has the beauty of the atmosphere of the mountains. There there there Cileunca are quite popular.

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For those of you who want to sample cuisine typical area or culinary popular, we split it based on region. Besides making the search for a location, as possible that we say that are close to the destinasi tour Bali. So time visits to be effective because to be “in line” with the object that you want to visit. As for like popular we’d recommend them:

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