Teach children to share is very important because of the share is a character that must be maintained and owned by the next generation. The formation of character lately became an important issue especially in the world of education because the current moral crisis among young people, many of them indicating a decline in morality, for example actions Brawl until friends want to hurt the feelings of its own. It is therefore important for parents to cultivate the nature of sharing and caring toward fellow since childhood. The following are tips for parents in educating children to share and care about each other.
Teach children to share the # 1: parents should Give Example

Primary key how to teach children to share is by example and understand children. Understand the mind of the child, do not force the child to give or lend something on his lover, give an example of how to share the true accompanied advice. For example give a sense to the child that fellow must share, things that shouldn’t be done is you capture children’s toys and instantly hide or give it to his lover.
Teach children to share the # 2: teaching the Play Turns

Teach children to share can also be done by teaching the play turns. By playing together interchangeably, parents can teach concepts share effectively. By playing alternately children will also learn that playing this way is more fun, the child will have a lot of friends and it could played an assortment of toys together. If your child is playing with his brother, you can also train your children to be responsible with regulating toys turn. Children will love harmony and brotherhood with fellow brethren.
Teach children to share the # 3: Teach the importance of Valuing Others

This is very important so that children taught by a parent not being selfish and want to win themselves. Smaller children often love to mimic what is done by her sister, especially in terms of toys, smaller children sometimes like to play the same toy with their sister, not rarely the younger brother wanted aqiqah berkah the toy the older sister, and the kakakpun was reluctant to give the piece. In this case you have to give swpwsj sense to your child that the brother should want to share and protect the little sister, and also the sister should respect to brother, sister must request permission in advance if he wants to borrow my older toys.
Teach children to share more effectively if done in a family environment, in addition to the toys you can also familiarize your child to share in terms of food. From small custom IE Teaching Children to share in this home environment, your child will grow into a better person.

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