Some types of flu for pregnant women who are considered safe after 12 weeks of pregnancy, including:

Dry cough Dextromethorphan.
Vicks cough syrup.
Vicks vaporub or similar to be rubbed on the chest, feet, and below the nose.
Paracetamol to lower fever, head pain, and sakitn.
Expectorant during the day.
Antasida or similar drugs to cope with nausea, abdominal pain and bloating uluhati.
Some types of flu for pregnant women
Pregnant women should avoid the use of flu remedy that contains the drug combination, these drugs often exist on the market under the name of flu remedy, cold and flu remedies, cough, colds and so on. Instead, use a single medication to cope with the symptoms that you experience just like the example above.

During pregnancy, the mother should also avoid the following medications unless recommended by a doctor.

Ibuprofen (pain medicine, fever, headaches)
Codeine (cough medicine)
Bactrim (antibiotic)
Naproxen (antinyeri Drug)

When to see a doctor?

Although most colds do not cause problems for unborn baby, the flu can cause serious symptoms. Complications of flu can increase the risk of premature birth and birth defects.

Therefore, get medical help immediately if you experience the following symptoms:

Difficulty breathing
Chest pain/pressure
Bleeding from the way born
Severe vomiting
High fever that does not go down after taking paracetamol
Reduced fetal movement

Prevent is better than cure …

How not to easily infected with flu? Here are a few things you can do:

Frequent hand washing
Enough sleep
Eat a healthy diet
Avoid close contact with family or friends who are ill
Exercise regularly
Reduce stress

Remember, pregnant women should not be carelessly take medication, including flu remedy that even many non sale without prescription.

Lupus Disease

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is an autoimmune disorders, meaning that the body’s defenses attack even sisitem or kill cells of a healthy body. Signs and symptoms of SLE include redness and lesions on the palms. The rash can be itchy, so very very uncomfortable for those experiencing itchy palms.
How To Overcome Your Palm Itches?

To be able to treat your palms itch with effective, then treatment should be tailored to the cause. Therefore, we have to mementukan in advance what the cause.

This is a challenge, both for the patients or doctors who handle. When the cause is unknown, then the root of the problem will be overcome completely.

If you are indeed a flu diagnosis, then in a few days Your health conditions will fade back to recover. But that does not mean you should direct a heavy, many doctors recommend a break until you’re free of fever for 24 hours without drugs.

Even if you have no fever, you still have to consider a break at home until other symptoms improve. Recovery rates vary on the severity of the flu. Even after you feel better, there are experiencing prolonged coughing for several weeks. Always consult your physician about any symptoms of the flu that comes back or worsened after previously getting better.

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