Sightseeing in belitung, Bangka island Parai Beach Mackerel. A very popular tourist destinations with the cleanliness and the area truly setup just right. It is set in the village of New Beams with a distance of 30 KM North of the town of Pangkalpinang, Bangka. If you visit this beautiful place in Babylon, it is advisable to stay in a resort that super complete infrastructure including water sport. Safety, comfort and a full recreation for tourists into the main things offered by Parai Beach Resort. granite boulders like in Belitung is also found in this area. If you’ve been to the beach of Tanjung Lesung, a luxury resort atmosphere then here is very similar.

Sightseeing in belitung, Bangka island

parai beach of bangka

Parai Beach
Beach Mats. These sights is quite unique as it seems is divided into two zones. IE North zone which is the white sand and the South zone in the form of a cluster of beautiful rocks. Another name for this object is a beach paradise. This place is worthy of that name, because there is no tara offers. Mattress is the longest white sand beach of Bangka Belitung. Its location adjacent to parai, about 40 KM from Pangkalpinang.

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Beach mattress
Hot Springs Tirta Tapta Pemali. Bangka tourist destinations which are quite old and found since the colonial era kompeni. Soak in the hot springs is very beneficial to the health of your skin. The content of sulfur with a distinctive smell is a substance that is able to refresh yourself from fatigue. This object is pretty easy to achieve, which is about 20 KM from the city of Sungailiat. The interesting part of this place is the setup of modern indoor waterpark share with glide. This contrasts with the Cimanggu thermal baths just a wading pool.

thermal baths in bangka

Tirta Tapta Pemali
Cape Coast Charm. This beautiful tourist location in the village of Rambak, about 9 KM from the town of Sungailiat in province of Bangka Belitung. This beautiful area is also offering the charm of the granite rocks that are scattered on the beach. Moreover, coupled with a bridge pier of the exotic and unique, adds to the more beautiful beaches. Water sports are also available at the hotel’s existing at Cape Charm.

Cape Coast charm

Tanjung Pesona

Advice and Tips

Before you visit the province, we recommend that you first read the tips we pass below, namely:

Because most of the interesting objects shaped like the beach, be sure to bring enough clothes because you will berbasah-basah here.
If necessary, fill your photographic equipment with a tripod and underwater camera.
Most tour packages offered to this place separates between a visit to the island of Belitung and Bangka visits. Though both are still in one province of Babylon. If you want to visit both, preferably preceded by a visit to the island of Bangka and then after a few days, you can use the ship to visit Belitung. Indeed, if you want to Charter the ship for groups of its own cost is quite expensive.

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