Place Tour Popular in Palu Sulawesi Middle

Vacation to the region of Palu in Sulawesi the Middle is a fun experience to visit the place to tour in the shape of the beach, the lake, the bay, the mountains and even around town. Lately, the area in the middle of the island Celebes is so amazing developments pariwisatanya. Network hotel international started memadati area of the beach that became the icon of holiday main in this city. Are you interested in a vacation to the region of Palu in Sulawesi the Middle of to visit places interesting? Here’s the guide for you.

If you depart from the city of Jakarta, then a flight directly to the city Hammer not too much and it takes 2 hours. Domination is the flight still more if you transfer via Sulawesi South. That’s why, many visitors that make the route between the visiting place tour Makassar with that in Palu, Sulawesi Center. Indeed, with a trip to visit two of the at once, then it will take at least a week to visit the object’s charge in the second region.

Place Tour Popular in Palu Sulawesi Middle

As for object vacation the recommended in Sulawesi the Middle of this in between:

The Beach Talise. As a tourist, the area is a choice of the most cheap and easy. Because besides not need the cost, the location really easy to accomplish that in the middle of the city a Hammer and access to the way of the teraspal. Keberadaanya close to the city center makes this beach much visited by visitors or the community around. Visit in the daytime rather less suitable, because of the weather in Palu is generally sunny and the wind is very tight. At the edge of the beach Talise this, you find berjejer hotel and suite mall the best new course built.the beach talise.

Bridge Hammer IV. It is a landmark that became the icon of the main city of the Hammer. This place is most often visited by tourists who hobby take a picture. Usually photographs the beauty of the bridge a yellow Talise this is done night. This bridge official in May 2006 by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. This bridge stretches over the Gulf Talise is in kelurahan Besusu and Lere, which connects the district a Hammer East and West. Bridge yellow this is the bridge arch his first in Indonesia and the third in the world after the countries Japan and France.bridge hammer.

Beach Park Ri. The location around the Bridge yellow IV the Hammer, a place of culinary masterpieces that are delicious and run right along the shoreline. Banana epe and sarabi is a favourite on the sightseeing. This beach facing towards the east, and on this site there are around 100 cafe hawkers snacks and dishes of typical local other. Cafe open from afternoon till night and very often visited kawula young.beach park ri.

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