Well thanks to the cooperation of these 2 companies, there was born a new feature online Fund transaction is a more practical application through BlackBerry chat i.e. Messengers (BBM). Not long ago, confirmed that the feature has already started and is expected to be released progressively ease the FUEL application users want to send or receive funds from your Paypal account.
Development Of Paypal Application for BlackBerry

The news about the release of the latest features of the hosts #Paypal and the BlackBerry was officially delivered directly by PayPal’s Director of Consumer Product Marketing, Matt Gromada. In his statement he said that the cooperation carried out between 2 companies digital is a follow-up of cooperation already established before.

paypal ready use in blackberry messenger

As it known that before the features of Paypal via the Paypal application is launched, the BBM had also been pinned as an option for users of Blackberry mobile devices. However, as the development is, Paypal capture that potential applications of FUEL seems to be chatting more promising to be developed independently.

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After a period of development, now Paypal transactions feature finally via BBM can be enjoyed by users of FUEL, not only applications that use the BlackBerry devices but also to other OS i.e. Android and iOs.
Combining the features of Online Chat Applications with the ease of Paymet

With the Paypal transaction features of disematkannya into FUEL, it is definitely present in transactions between Paypal accounts run with more practical and easy. How does, with a relatively very simple process, we can send you a Paypal funds or receive funds as soon as we implement chat.

Simply put Matt Gromada explains how this new feature to run. First, the user #aplikasi FUEL good for BlackBerry, Android and iOs, need an update of the latest applications. After getting the update application, users will find a new option button “PayPal Send Money” on the display of the application of FUEL.

To start submitting money, we just click the “PayPal Send Money” and then linking the FUEL account with your Paypal account belongs to us. Well at this point, the user will receive funds must also do the same thing i.e. linking your Paypal account.

If the Setup process has completed, the next step we will become the column amount of money who want to posted as well as details of the delivery of those funds. After being convinced by all the data entered, with a click on the button “send” then the matter had moved funds instantly.

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New available For any user in the area of Canada

However, for users of FUEL in the country, seems to have to be patient first if you want to taste the new feature. Because after its release on Thursday, 13/8/2015 then, Paypal’s features via BBM is still allocated to existing users in the area of Canada. But the Paypal assured that such features will soon release for users in other regions.

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