Most temen-temen grade 10 HIGH SCHOOL confused want to chose a major in SCIENCE or SOCIAL SCIENCE. But there is also a direct pick without thinking long fore. Actually it was a great one because it is the chose Department beginning of mau brought where life you guys later on (lebay banget ya:D) but emang gitu sih,-à according to me hehe …

Nowadays the name IPA and IPS are already replaced by MIA (Mathematical Sciences) and IIS (social studies). The difference is, he’s the curriculum same aja but sifting through their Department starting from grade 10. So why are you guys currently JUNIOR class 1, 2, 3 be grateful. Because you guys still have the opportunity to select a lot and consider which ones are good make you guys. For the new tau don’t panic and confused:D you can read this post and hope this helps. Okee ajaa directly … 11.

Select the Department in accordance with the ideals So intent if His Doctor Yes should IPA/MIA if you want so Prosecutors Yes entering wrote in IPS/IIS. Sebenernya aja Child IPA later college majors in political Science misalya IPS. But kan later science you will needlessly continue to create what long studied 3 years if their knowledge nggk dimanfaatin? :D. For those who got nggk ideals,

I help you deh can probably help. If the words of Mario Unswerving “ideals that is a picture of the future that you guys want to so what.” That is to say you guys are trying to imagine that in the future the work that you guys really that’s how is it anyway?. create a still difficult reading terusin deh ya this article. 22. Select the appropriate heading for the INTEREST and the TALENT So you guys milihnya gini guys, if you guys like the things nature experiment or scientific research or stronger in calculating maths or angka2 more you guys can imagine something nggk can be seen but you guys can melogika it looks like you guys are suited in the IPA.

because I think gini, the science of chemistry or physics as IPA that’s right count for something that is tangible can see nggk you guys right? Examples of calculating style? Speed? sound? And in the habit of sehari2 less note right? So if you guys can imagine thinkers/form of Science that means yes you already fits the same IPA if you guys more seneng with hal2 are predicting, roundabout or berlogika for real in the life of society in everyday life so you guys fit in at IPS. Since gini guys, such as sociology and economic base that’s right dilogika dalamkehidupan community could although not essentially because of all their knowledge. Don’t say it’s easy to sociology or economics is easy because it’s all their knowledge so if you guys talents or minatya in IPA would be difficult to study in the IPS 33. Select the appropriate Department of the WORD HEART, if anyone said that IPA children clever-clever, diem-diem sweet-sweet, cutesy-cutesy IPA that later are going to continue to be successful it is great one guys. Harm where? Harm is never ngejudge majors like that, it all depends masing2 individual.

Keep should never have presepsi if IPA was itungan IPS memorizing. Sebenernya nggk so guys. Everything there is the count of all there is a hafalannya. So it goes without doubt nggk just because that way if you already pick majors fix ya bismillah aja bro. And if you already pick don’t disesali lanjutin aja guys maybe it emang the destiny of you hehehe.


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