-Coefficient of the base (KDB) 60%: 40% anyone can explain?
-Take home a simple brochure selling price 55 jt, observe its specifications and
find out how volume/m2 (+ wages + fee) when diborongkan to the contractor. Don’t be shy to ask the foreman or anyone who knows

I try to help love the explanation in outline:
(and this should not be done in sequence)


1. do a cma (comparative market analysis) to do a comparison of apple to apple against competitors that is around your location from the design houses, building specifications, on-site home, Rumah developer property syariah yang ada di bogor price etc after data can be possible from 3 locations housing competitors then specify yours in order to compete with competitors.

2. cheque to the local Goverment to kdb (basic building coefficient) and also check the permissions peruntukkannya and perijinannya starting from the principle of consent, hgb, imb parent etc.

3. check the wholesale price to local contractors, check also biaya2 local coordination

4. check your raw land prices also applicable there

5. After all the raw data you find then create budgeting/rab (budget plan) for the location there have


-the cost of the permitting
-cost of building construction home
-the cost of facilities and infrastructure (main roads, paths, fences, channel environment cluster, guard post, Garden, hanging transformer/substation, electricity networks etc.)
-the cost of promotion, marketing, employee salaries, adm etc. (operating costs + overheads)
-building sales tax 5% of sale price home excl. VAT 10%
made in detail and effort in rab (planned budget cost) unexpected expenses maximum 3% of a total of rab
checks whether the existing profit received decent???? Kalo is not feasible then the selling price needs to be raised or reduced other biaya2 …
Kalo sale price was raised? How is the selling price competition … your reply is the most expensive of the nearest competitor you then your hard-sell your products
other biaya2 and reply you subtract then quality decreases and is certainly less selling in the eyes of consumers

Kalo profit according to you deserve then you should specify the initial funds to meet the following criteria: 2
1. decent legalistas
2. decent performing

1. worthy of legality
you create a limited liability company (PT), create new permission principle (more details you asked to the local goverment) to the location you have, pajak2,

2. decent performing
try doing the maturation of the land, the entrance gate, a guard post, front gardens, main streets, sample House fence, cluster, promotion, marketing

initial funds will be your reply is able to fill then
-the good news there is a measure resetting your location
-create a clear plannya site according the design of architect
-ask permission principle and other limited permissions so that you can move forward
-before a permit is approved you should prepare the design of the tread, house design
other designs, plans a promotion/marketing/sales
don’t forget to recruit people who are dedicated and honest
-your active rest. …

who had joined the business courses or have the certificate properties and please answer this question:

wholesale prices-how simple home standard/m2 and borongannya wages per square metre?

-What price wholesale home re (real estate) yang ada di bekasi property bekasi murah standard/m2 and borongannya wage/m2?

-What price the home volume level re standard/m2 and borongannya wage/m2?

your reply could answer completely then I will ask again the next question?

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