How To Use Bio green mci – Dissolve 1 sachet of PIG Bio Green into 1 liter of drinking water, can be drunk throughout the day. When taken out of the House to avoid the heat of the Sun, can be drunk per day.

PIG Bio Green can also be used when beli biogreen gold as a face mask for toning, brightening and smoothing the skin and lift the facial skin of impurities.
How To Use A Mask

How To Use Bio green mci

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Dissolve 1 sachet of PIG Bio Green with 2 tablespoons of water, mix well with a brush and then apply it to the entire surface of your facial skin, let sit for 30 minutes then rinse and wash with clean water. For maximum results it is recommended to use PIG Nano Spray before and afterwards.

PRICE Rp. 2,000,000.0-/8 boxes (1 BOX = 30 Sachet 1 Sachet = 5gr)

Before the year 2015, this writer had never once heard of Apple Stem Cell and its benefits. But lately a lot of information that goes to the author of the invention that is spectacular. Even many health products, beauty and supplements that claim to have used the Apple stem cell on its products. Because a high curiosity of the author, then the author collected data as many of the Apple stem cell and do a small survey of one of the products that use the Apple stem cell content.

After dibrowsing there-here, writers get information only 2 MLM product that really got the permit and certification of the use of the Apple stem cell company Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland. One of them is a pure product of the child’s own country namely Biogreen Apple stemcell plus collagen. The author will try to tell the history and benefits of Apple stem cell is for our bodies. A group of scientists in Switzerland in 2003 incorporated in the Mibelle Biochemistry research against rare apples are rarely consumed mankind. Aple fruit that grows in the forests of the mountains of Northern Switzerland has a sour taste/wry but there are unique, that can heal themselves quickly if scratched or injured and can last up to 4 up to 6 months without experiencing decay despite already plucked from the tree.

Fruit Apple Uttwiler Spatlauber named it can do cell regeneration in the fruit, thus attracting the attention of scientists to inspect it. Dr. Fred Zulli is the founder and principal of Biochemistery, a company Mibelle research in Switzerland which already stood for 20 years who is engaged in the field of innovation research and development of active ingredients for the cosmetics industry. He studied biochemistry and received his Phd at the ETH Zurich. Beliaulah who discovered stem cells apples collagen with unlimited power on!
While stem cells or stem cell in humans is clinically is closely related to the aging process, decreasing the metabolism of cells and tissues, reduced production of new stem cells and a decrease in the activity of the cells is another problem caused by the weak stem cells due to increasing age in humans. Dr. Fred Zulli researching how to obtain stem cells from a rare Apple tree Uttwiller Spatlauber who just left 20 trees that time without the need to destroy or injure the tree because the tree, it was entered into the list of rare plants are protected by Government Switzerland.

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