You of course want to have a good boss and supporting the advancement of your career. Unfortunately, this desire doesn’t always materialize because your boss who is now violently and arbitrarily.

He did not want to know Your difficulties in working and ask you to get the job done every time. In fact, sometimes your boss it frequently removing the rant and told you work outside working hours. You are annoyed and depressed.

Rather than annoyed and depressed, it would be better if you make the following 7 ways in dealing with superiors that sucks.
1. Focus on your work

One of your responsibilities is to finish the job. Therefore, forget about Your boss’s attitude first and focus on your work. Working on little by little so that without the work feels well completed. If the work is completed, you will be more comfortable in being.

Compare if you don’t finish your work. Perhaps you will be depressed because it got a nagging or warning from the boss.
2. follow the rules

Sebenci whatever you against superiors, follow the rules of the place you work. For example, you come on time or do not do violence psychic/physical against your boss. By following the rules, you will not have other problems because you work in a professional manner.

Plural known, employees who are having problems with bosses often don’t follow the rules. They come late, wasting work time, damaging the company’s assets, or provoke partners to do things that are inappropriate.
3. Read Your employment contract

While the company recruits now, you certainly have a contract of employment. Read the employment contract, especially things related to your rights and obligations.

How to deal with Bosses who loudly and Arbitrarily

If you feel you have met the obligation, be aware of your rights. If those rights are violated, menghadaplah to the boss to discuss it. When discussing, point out your opinion of your rights associated with a polite language. Be honest that you’re not comfortable with the condition.

For example, one of your rights is returned on time. Say to your boss that you didn’t like in its sole discretion that told you work outside of work time.

Do not be afraid or discouraged if Your boss does not response went sour. Teguhlah on do you think about your rights are infringed and continue to search for solutions with the supervisor.
4. Consultations with personnel

If your boss insists is true, there is no other way. You should consult with the personnel section. When consulting with human resources, inform Your disappointment in the attitude of your boss. Point out also that it disrupts the rights, thoughts, and your performance.

Party personnel will usually help you solve the problem are persuasive. If a personnel action taken does not help resolve the issue, you are entitled to complain to your boss States workers who exists in your company.

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