Then what is your current keputasan? stop working and building our own businesses will help you to more quickly obtain financial freedom. Certainly it’s more profitable in comparison you keep vote was in a comfort zone.
3. you better appreciate Money instead of Time

An employee willingly exchange their time for the sake of money, sacrificed their precious time with family for the sake of money. Money is indeed everything but remember the time we cannot return and play back.
How to become an employee who has their own business
The fact that an employee will feel glad if got overtime or lemburan, they work longer hours in order to get more money. They are not aware that wasted time with family are non-refundable.

They are working to build the wealth of others so that their time to looking for earning potential beyond being a little more. So you’d think if your current pekerjaaan is everything so you’ll be happy to work longer.

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4. you are too busy Saving

Saving is not a bad trait, it is a good trait. But saving cannot help you to generate more wealth, you will be busy to work hard so as to be able to set aside some of the money for safekeeping. We think that this behavior is not good, because it does not motivate you to get out of my comfort zone and will only encourage you to keep being an employee.

As high as any of your current position, remember you’re just an employee. You are simply an appointed to build the wealth of others. So too busy saving only make your stay feel safe despite the fact really is not always the case.

Many have asked us, if they become entrepreneurs then who become officers? We make sure we are not liable to become employees. If facts like that, we can employ foreign worker as an employee we are not.

This short article so hopefully it can be a motivation for us to get out of the comfort zone, start a business we also build our own wealth.

Had Tried The Business Franchise

After after finishing education, Alvin who still harbored the desire of a very strong business, the brothers tried their luck with a partnership with a popular #waralaba. Instead of selling in Jogjakarta, he thus brought these efforts to be developed in the land of his birth in Lamongan, East Java.

Even though it had enough potential in the beginning, what can businesses with large enough scale that eventually had to roll the mat in an age that has not even half a year. Again, he tried another franchise partnerships from Jakarta. But not much difference, 6 months into the age of most of his business.

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