The product the Vitality herbal with KSM-66 or Ashwagandha for anti-stress, fertility women so I can have momongan, to improve a quality and a quantity of sperm. Ashwagandha this is the best quality in their class.

he product the Vitality herbal with KSM-66


Benefits Bio Stem Cell Gold

1. Overcome the problems of sexual in men
2. Increase the quality and a quantity of sperm
3. Mengurang Stress and restlessness
4. Increase the performance of muscle and strength muscle (Gym Lover)
5. Increase the power and resource grab.
6. endurance and stamina
7. Help overcome insomnia
8. Help solve the problems of menstruation in women
9. Help get your body slim and healthy
10 Increase the immune system
*The product is not recommended consumed by the Mother is Pregnant, the disease high blood and people who have a history of Heart disease.
It contains 3 ingredients Active :
1. Apple Stem Cell (Phytocelltec Mallus Domestica)
2. Ginseng korea
3. Ashwagandha
With the coffee’s good.
The way the secretary of defense to use : Directly Pour into mouth/ under the tongue and then drink a glass of water.


1. The PRODUCTS that it takes a lot of people

Apple Stem Cell Plus which is a product unggulan from BioGreen Science produced by Mibelle Biochemistry, a daughter company of Migros (read: Migro) a company retail largest in Switzerland. Are the scientists of Mibelle who first decided to analyze a miracle from the apple Uttwiler Spatlauber, and intend to use them to fight the aging process in humans. This apple say magical because apple is able to survive 4 months without broken or rot even after picked! Not only that, this apple also has the ability to heal himself if injured. Currently, stem cell or cell punca developed from this apple was the nature of the treatment skin or cosmetics anti-aging for at least 100 cosmetics companies in Europe, Asia, and America (including the Lancome and Chantecaile). Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and a number of artist Holywood others reported to have used stem cell apples produced by Mibelle Biochemistry.
2. TECHNOLOGY (PhytoCellTecTM)

About by the taste of these apples are tart and bitter, made him less popular than apple sweet other. This makes apple trees this doesn’t dibudidayakan and endangered species (only 20 trees left at this time and in the protection by the government of Switzerland).
Therefore, the necessary technology are able to defend kelestarian this tree but still can get the benefits from it. This technology developed by Mibelle Biochemistry called PhytoCellTecTM. With this technology, it only takes part of a very small to acquire the cell punca of apples in the amount of which is not limited so kelestarian the tree is not threatened.

3. RESULTS (Clinical trials)

Apple Stem Cell Plus is shipped by BioGreen Science has been through a series of clinical trials with results that can be accounted for, so the benefits You get it really can You prove yourself.

Some of the testimony of those who have proved kedahsyatan from BioGreen Science Apple Stem Cell Plus

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BioGreen Science is a chance the effort could be run from home or online with a capital that is very affordable. With the 3 choice package investment (Silver, Gold, and the ratio of platinum), You alone determine how fast You will be bolted together BioGreen Science.

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