Be one of the alternative ways to share other people’s short stories

Able to summarize a information too long become important essence is needed by others. Because a lot of people who don’t want to waste time to read information that is rambling, then the use of the screenshot is certainly able to sum up the essential things that want delivered.
Get To Know The Definition Of A Screenshot
Able to summarize form other information may not be accessed by users of social media. For example, a video that is too heavy and need long buffering process can be shortened by using a screenshot which is more practical and accessible.

The marketing team involved with content marketing can create unique content and practical by using screenshots. For example, a culinary product marketing team can fruit chips to capture a screenshot about the benefits of fruit from a number of official health website in the world.

If the Screenshot is indeed beneficial to Social Media?

A simple study conducted to test the effectiveness of the use of the screenshot against engagement on Twitter did in fact give stunning results. Because the study proved to be able to increase the value of engagement in #Twitter when the use of the screenshot is done within 1 month.

Of course the use of the screenshot should also be coupled with the development of other interesting content such as visual content and interactive audio visual content.

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The Trick Of Using A Screenshot Is Effectively

Using social media in the screenshot results certainly can’t be done in random. A few simple tricks will make screenshots so that we have more effective:

Make screenshots with good picture quality so that is easy to read and not blur when posting on social media
We can also add a watermark as a sign that the screenshot is the screenshot belongs to us. Thus there is certainly not a plurality of persons less responsible who can steal and use the screenshots
Screenshot size also needs to be adapted to the capacities of social media. If #Instagram takes a rectangle-shaped visual content, then Twitter or other social media requires the visual content in the form of landscape.

Make sure the size of the screenshot is taken into consideration with the cooked so that the information contained in the screenshot are not truncated when posting.

Well, once we know the definition and benefits regarding the use of screenshots in social media, now is the time we start making screenshots. Make a screenshot that is informative, unique and not boring in order to attract the attention of the users of social media. Certainly need a little touch of creativity in order to generate the content of the screenshot.


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