sbmptnSBMPTN is near but still confused in choosing a course? If Yes, may we discuss list that can help you. As we know, in general people will choose a major in college that work prospects promising. However, the greater the number of registrants for courses, then increasingly tight competition also you will encounter. Therefore, having thorough preparation is needed if you want to be one of those who managed to snatch the seat of PTN.

Ideally, everyone would certainly expect a good jobs with a high income so his education is complete. However, in reality it is not always the case. Sometimes, people who lecture at the course that the prospect of handing nice thus gain greater success. Essentially, the success and the future of not only the views of the Department of what we took while in College, but it also depends on the quality of educated we as human beings. So all went back to our respective personal.

List of the most sought after courses in Indonesia following will probably give you a little overview for those of you who are still confused choice. But remember, the most important is not whether your Department a lot of interest or not, but rather how you would live your lecture well and benefit from the knowledge you have learned. So choose wisely.
1. Medical
Medicine is the most majors because of the opportunities it works great and more begengsi. The field of medicine are likely to remain stable in terms of career because of the demand for medical personnel is big enough as it is in hospitals, clinics, health centers, STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES, BPJS health, companies, etc. Most people also argue that being a doctor is very easy to get a large sum of money because of the science that they have very much appreciated.

Because the number of devotees are many, the competition also becomes very tight. In Indonesia, the Department of medicine includes departments with the highest passing grade in universities. If you feel less ruled the problems SBMPTN and weak on the subjects of biology, you should choose another alternative because there will be a lot of people out there who are studying furiously in order to pass in the Department of medicine.

A student of medicine can be a pride for you and your parents. Especially if you really can apply the knowledge you learned during the lecture. If you intend to select a Department of medicine, you should pay attention to the reputation of the University. Look for information about universities that have a Department of medicine with kulaitas either.

2. Information technology, computer science
In the modern era of sophisticated as today, people who have expertise in the field of computers and information technology is very much sought after. So it’s no wonder if the Department is highly sought after. Job opportunities for the IT and computer science is enormous. Almost all of the large and medium companies in need of experts in the field of computers or programming. Graduates who are experts in this field generally employed with large salaries.

Currently, the competition for computer engineering and computer science tend not too heavy due to a large number of enthusiasts still supported by large capacity anyway. Many universities which opened the Department of information technology and computer science because it is aware of the development of the times. So, if you have an interest in the field of information technology, computers or both majors this could be an alternative choice.

1. Law Science
Similarly like medicine, science of law is the most majors by graduates of the social sciences. Legal science is subjects that centered on the practice of law. Legal science covers a broad field encompassing human rights, legal ownership to trade law. The law regulates the order of community life by providing clear rules on what should or should not be done. If the tone is really proficient in this field then you will be paid handsomely for your work.

Don’t say it’s easy to sociology or economics is easy because it’s all their knowledge so if you guys talents or minatya in IPA would be difficult to study in the IPS 33. Select the appropriate Department of the WORD HEART, if anyone said that IPA children clever-clever, diem-diem sweet-sweet, cutesy-cutesy IPA that later are going to continue to be successful it is great one guys. Harm where? Harm is never ngejudge majors like that, it all depends masing2 individual. Keep should never have presepsi if IPA was itungan IPS memorizing. Sebenernya nggk so guys. Everything there is the count of all there is a hafalannya. So it goes without doubt nggk just because that way if you already pick majors fix ya bismillah aja bro. And if you already pick don’t disesali lanjutin aja guys maybe it emang the destiny of you hehehe. 4.

EXTRA if you guys already stuck bener-bener nggk could pick the course that the controversy was already in despair and cry in a corner room for lots of suggestions from the people closest to you, segingga make you guys are confused. The way out is to try to empty the mind of you (meaning that already have difikirin again/nggk nggk have made loads) keep you guys try to get help to the Lord Almighty so hopefully you guys can get instructions from him. The bottom line should difikiran good good but don’t get created loads. My experiences from hell do not let you guys pick the IPA because presepsi people, so even though there is talent or ability nggk let alone those 2 to maksain but you guys enter IPA IPA. If you guys at IPA so nggk dapet rank, whereas if you guys pick the IPS you can rank. You guys pick the which? Think:D hehe.

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