As a community good, surely you have one favorite form of product which you want to set as a farm business. Therefore, before doing the business of franchising it’s good when You choose the type of franchise ice blend that you like, because it is not impossible that what you like is included in these types of products are also liked by a lot of people around you.

The Selection Of The Right Franchise
Being a successful entrepreneur with a way of doing business a la Bob Sadino
In addition to some things that are already described in the section above, to achieve the success you want, as a beginner it’s good to start a business by choosing the type of franchise ice blend that was already widely known by people. Because by choosing the type of franchise business, then you will not get more money too having trouble in terms of promotions and sales as well.

Working in this business with high spirits

The last thing you should look in your favorite franchise doing business in this world is to do the business in earnest and also full of high spirits. Because with intention and also hard work, and not discouraged, then things may be achieved more likely would be higher than the business that traveled just alone, in the absence of a strong intention.

Bob Sadino or commonly called Om this Bob is a successful entrepreneur who is very inspiring. He is also a motivational speaker and an Idol for entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Through the way of doing business a la Bob Sadino, he shared his knowledge to everyone in order to be able to follow in his footsteps to become a success. In addition to being a motivational speaker and successful businessman, he is also known for his unique and nyentrik. Even the owner’s full name BambangMustari Sadino is often seen using only his shorts on several occasions.

On many occasions, he always gives the words of motivation that can give you the passion for thebusiness people in Indonesia. Here are some lessons that can be taken on how to do business a la BobSadino.

10 Tips on doing a la Bob Sadino

1. Never achieved ideas and eliminate the negative stuff that’s on your mind

The idea will not be fruitful if it is only stored in the head and not in never achieved. When you have an idea, then don’t be so think long to achieve them. Many people did not dare to start because of thefear of failure, do not have the knowledge, and various other negative thoughts. Thus the barriers tobecoming a successful entrepreneur.

To become a successful entrepreneur, negative thoughts should be immediately removed. The fear ofchange into a sense of optimism. Failure is a learning platform to be successful, therefore, do not be afraid to fail.

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