The younger who work, this is what always believed by a young entrepreneur named Alvin Paradiptya Rifkas. Sitting on the bench since college, he has started trying a range of business ranging from selling independently to become a partner of #franchise. And if asked how many failures he experienced, seems difficult to remember it and high motivation


Alvin Paradiptya ~ Young Doctors Successfully Run Farm Business Online

But with the spirit of the business that continues to burn, though very briefly slumped finally Alvin can find its way to success that he envisioned. Take basik education as a veterinarian, he opened an online business in the field of livestock and equipment in the field of animal health.

Who would have thought, now one more successful entrepreneurs through the realm of online returns is born. With business turnover up to Usd 120 million in a single month, Alvin has even had a network of other businesses that began to menggurita. The full story of what this young doctor to build a business? Check out his review below.
Fall Business Experience Wake Alvin Paradiptya

All of the successful entrepreneur is certainly compact believes that a great success starting from the failure and great sacrifice. When we are ready, we are also obliged to ready to fall into failure. Alvin Paradiptya could be a perfect example for that.

Before it could finally reach the point of success it is today, in fact the road that must be traveled Alvin is very long. It started during his studies in medicine at the University of Gajah Mada. The first business he tekuni i.e. the previous season when the flowers graduation ceremony. Yet because it is still lack of experience, the business wither before long develops.

Please move he tries new business i.e. selling juice with labels Alvin juice plus chicken noodle around campus. After learning from previous failures, he finally was able to organize your business better. The result is the culinary business that sold at a stand that is able to attract customers who are the majority of the students.

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But the trials of the business comes back, in the middle of the narrowness of the education final exam time, stand the place selling noodles and juice of a great wind wagon to affected its trading fell and badly damaged. It was not until there, the owner of the stand place selling turns out to also do the cheating until finally forced the young men closed the Palm of your niaganya for a while.

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