8 popular tourist attractions in Indonesia 2015 – The country of Indonesia has a lot of popular sites that can be used as a good tourist destination by its people as well as by foreign tourists. Most town and partly in the form of Islands. The places we mentioned below in General has a wide variety of interesting objects in the form of nature tourism, recreation in the city, culinary, culture or shopping. If a region of Indonesia filled the whole range of objects as we mentioned and when adequate means and infrastructure supported, then usually the sticking out as a holiday or the highest town visited by tourists.

As for some of the things that affects traffic levels high and popular include things that are in the form of facilities and infrastructure in support of tourism on an area or city in Indonesia, namely:

Ease of access transport. If a region is a wide choice of transportation modes such as planes, cars, trains, and ships, usually have traffic levels high and popular holidays.
Transportation costs were cheap toward popular tourist attractions.
The existence of variation provided accommodations, from bed and breakfasts, villa, the hotel even resort and apartments.
Variation selection hotel prices.
The uniqueness of the attractions themselves.
The arrangement of the objects of interest.
8 popular tourist attractions in Indonesia 2015
As for the 8th district as well as cities in Indonesia that are interesting are:

The Island Of Bali. Natural conditions are arranged here makes the region of Bali as the most visited both domestic and foreign tourists. Here almost every subdistrict has interesting objects sold as vacation destination Indonesia community as well as foreign tourists. There is a beach of Kuta, Uluwatu, GWK Park, Tanah Lot and much more. Nature, culture and art as well as traditional and religious activities of the Balinese people always look attractive and popular in the eyes of visitors.

attractions in bali

Popular tours in bali
The Area Of Bandung. The capital of this West Java in addition to having the means of supporting tourism, are also quite easy to visit from all cities in Indonesia. The cool nature of the original, and still the city of modernity, culinary and shopping, as well as places of interest in the area of Bandung nan became the target of tourism for visitors. a place that usually land on is the sate, Trans Studio, mount tangkuban perahu, shopping areas and malls in Bandung. And Interestingly, this region began to found a new interesting object such as the cliff Palace and Floating market.

Sightseeing in bandung

Icon Of Bandung
Yogyakarta Region. As a center of Javanese culture, the city of Yogyakarta and its surrounding area is known as one of the favorite tourist highest in Indonesia. Each year the number of visitors increased. Moreover, any time there’s just the novelty of a suitable unique developed as a popular holiday destinations in the region. Yogyakarta in recent years sticking in search via the internet for interesting objects are available. Among them: Goa Pindul, Palaces, Borobudur and Prambanan temples as well as beautiful beaches and interesting in the region around Yogyakarta.

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