To be rich, appears to be an employee alone will not be enough to realize it all. Therefore the steps that can be taken is to make yourself as an entrepreneur.

How can we get the wealth if we rely solely on our payroll each month. Not to mention the debt repayments each month we have to spend to meet the necessities of life. Although it is difficult to build a business, you should try and start your own fortune, built up a business is a way to build your wealth in private.
4 reasons an employee difficult to develop
Be the boss of your own business is certainly more favorable than we work hard to enrich the company owner is not. To this end we auto summary of reasons why employees would be hard to get rich here. May be the motivation for those who intend to get out of the comfort zone as an employee.
1. Fear of taking risks

As we explain above, build a business on the #startup phase or stub is not something easy. However, you must still dare try and dare to take risks. Quit your current comfort zone as an employee, maybe you currently feel comfortable or safe-safe as evidenced by your paycheck every month can meet all your needs and pay your monthly bills.

But imagine if you get a disaster, for example, you experience pain severe enough that requires you to stop moving for months. After this happens whether your company will still retain your? We don’t think so. The company will easily pull out you and immediately replace your position with others.

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If this is the case, how do you meet everyday needs and close the repayments each month? It is definitely all that you will wake up exhausted. Else again if you become an entrepreneur. If this last happened you just simply pay people to do your work, so your business will continue to run as usual.

So trying to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and take risks to build his own business, because it is very rarely someone become rich just by being an employee.
2. Busy building other people’s Wealth

The first point above sounds pretty spicy, and then on the second point is the reason why the employees were never wealthy? The principle of an officer is to help company owner collects his wealth. It’s obvious we are working to collect a wealth of others to not ignore our own fate.

We focus work spend lots of time to build the wealth of others. In fact after what we already do, work hard and just receive our bone banting zero comma umpteen percent of corporate profits, sure it makes us stay in underprivileged zones.

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